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If you want to customize the exact stain and finish of your new floor, unfinished hardwood flooring is for you. With SVB Wood Floors’ custom color process, we can match the existing wood in your decor or create the designer floor you’ve been dreaming of. There’s no limit but your imagination.
When you invest in wood flooring , you deserve design options that match your aesthetic and meticulous installation that ensures years of enjoyment. You get both when you choose SVB as your hardwood floor installer.
We take great pride in the beauty and craftsmanship of our award-winning hardwood floor installations —and we know you will, too. Our expert team will make the entire wood flooring installation process easy and stress-free. Contact us for your free design consultation and estimate.

Experience the Exclusive 5-Step Hardwood Floor Installation Process with confidence.

“We are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results, from the initial design consultation to the final clean-up. We take every necessary step to ensure that your hardwood floor, a premium feature that adds value to your home, receives the highest level of care and attention. We never take shortcuts or cut corners, and you can trust us to deliver nothing but the best.”

"Count on our exceptional in-home consultation for top-notch service that exceeds expectations."

The installation of flooring commences with your unique vision. Our team is equipped to assist you in bringing it to fruition by providing recommendations on products, colors, and finishes that will best complement your decor, lifestyle, personality, and budget. We acknowledge that hardwood flooring is a significant investment and assure you that we will not exert any pressure for you to make a hasty decision or leave any of your inquiries unanswered. Our objective is for you to feel at ease with the process and ultimately, to relish in the outcome.

Dear Sir/Madam, Upon finalizing your choice of flooring options, we would be delighted to provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the cost for your new hardwood floor. Once you have reviewed and accepted our estimate, we will schedule the installation for your convenience. Prior to the installation, we kindly request that you remove any furniture and wall hangings from the room(s). Thank you for considering our services. Sincerely, [Your Name]

2. Sub-Floor Preparation

The quality of your new hardwood floor installation is directly dependent on the condition of the sub-floor beneath it. Our team conducts a thorough inspection of the flooring to identify any issues such as squeaks, low spots, or uneven seams. Our approach involves addressing these concerns by tightening from below and carefully sanding planks to achieve an even plane.

3. Dustless Sanding

The incomplete hardwood planks necessitate sanding to facilitate acceptance of the stain. Our establishment employs a state-of-the-art dust containment system, which effectively extracts sanding dust into a sealed tube and subsequently transfers it to our trailer outside. Rest assured that there will be no dust present in your ductwork, thus avoiding any potential damage to the flawless finish. To obtain further information regarding our dustless sanding capabilities, please click here.

4. Custom Hardwood Staining

We can create the exact color you choose with our custom color process. We test it on your floor so you can see it. Once you are happy with the color, we apply the stain to the floor and install a replacement base shoe.

5. Three Coat Finish

Lastly, we apply three coats of an environmentally safe, durable, and fast-drying topcoat to your new hardwood floor. We offer a selection of finish options, ranging from low luster to high gloss, for you to choose from.

May I ask why three coats are necessary? The first coat serves to seal the hardwood, while the subsequent coats build thickness to ensure long-lasting durability against normal wear and tear. Additionally, we meticulously screen, buff, and vacuum between each coat to achieve the best possible outcome.

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Need a designer and we work with several retailers who trust Seattle Wood Refinishing for their go to wood floor installs.  We give you options of hardwood dealers in your area to pick out the wood that fits your house.

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